Journalism, art and research about Southeast Asia, for Southeast Asia

  1. Stories about Southeast Asia, for Southeast Asians
  2. Building trust, building connections, building a movement
  3. To focus on the underlying forces that shapes our lives
We believe in the people of Southeast Asia. We want to tell their stories. When the people of this region come together, we can create a better future.

How we spend your funds

New Naratif is based on trust. Transparency and accountability is a key component of our Manifesto. We are accountable only to you, our members, and no one else.

To fund our correspondents

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Writers and artists uncover the issues you care about. We pay them a fair wage, on time, and in full for their work.

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We keep it lean: just 6 part-time staff produce 25 - 30 articles and comics, 40 – 50 photos/illustrations every month.

Where we want to go

It’s not based on time!
Our key metric is the number of members.


We aim to publish: 2 feature articles and 1 other article (research, comic, podcast or video) every week.


This number of members will sustain a minimum viable product. We aim to publish: 5 feature articles and 2 other article (research, comic, podcast, video) every week.


Limited financial sustainability secured. Staffing to expand, e.g. full-time editorial staff and stronger correspondent presence in Southeast Asia.


Full financial sustainability secured. Expansion to other Southeast Asian cities, starting with Jakarta. Content to be fully available in Bahasa Indonesia, with more SEA languages explored.

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